Twin City ABY Amp Switcher One of my favorite pedals

Need this to be able to have Rocksmith cable go to pc for scoring and note recognition and also out put clean guitar to my Line6 amp effect emulator and then to my Roland Keyboard amp.

I also route the PC a Rocksmith song track to Roland Amp on a separate channel so I can easily dial in different volumes for guitar and Rocksmith 

Allows me to easily use Rocksmith guitar tones or to use my own.

Having all,the controls form reverb etc on the Line 6 bean pod xt right next to keyboard is very useful

Next step would be to,learn how to allow Rocksmith to pick up line 6 sound -  have to download a third party Rocksmith ASio program - and that program does no work with OBS - so not in a hurry to learn that process 

But some Rocksmith players do figure that out.